Meinl Foundry Reserve Now At Into Music!!

Meinl Foundry Reserve Now At Into Music!!

The very special Foundry Reserve cymbal range from Meinl has landed here at Into Music!!!

part of our recent expansion to become the BIGGEST Meinl retailer in the UK with over 160 cymbals on display in our new cymbal lounge, it was inevitable that we needed to create a display showcasing the full range of Foundry Reserve. 

The Byzance Foundry Reserve collection is a limited selection of cymbals created at the Meinl Byzance cymbal foundry in Turkey. Inspired from the time when all cymbals were handmade, these cymbals showcase the stunning, sonically rich works of art that our cymbalsmiths create with layers of tonality and nuance; however, that is only half of the beauty, as they are visually striking from the one-of-a-kind hand hammered marks.

These cymbals have a more complex voice within the metal. The extra hammering creates many deep craters across the surface. When this hammering is coupled with the fully lathed top and bottom, the rides produce a clear, dry stick-attack note over a lush bed of low undertones – otherwise known as “the roar.” The hi-hats sizzle with warmth and clarity when played with sticks or the foot, and the crash explodes with a dark fury not found elsewhere in the Byzance family.

Each cymbal includes a letter from Mr. Reinhold Meinl and a Certificate of Authenticity. Next, a pair of Meinl Stick & Brush Standard 5A drum sticks. Finally, there is a pair of 100% cotton cymbal handling gloves.

Come and see us in store to hear these amazing cymbals for yourself or shop them online HERE >>>