Pre-Owned Friday Drops!

Pre-Owned Friday Drops!

Starting from Friday the 25th of November at 3pm, we are dropping a pre-owned blitz onto the Into Music Store website!

We are one of the biggest pre-owned drum retailers on the market, getting hold of awesome equipment from all your favourite brands, and some extremely rare limited edition pieces of kit. However as you may see on our site, our pre-owned section appears barren, but don't fret!

This is because, we've emptied the lot, in preparation for this ...

Every Friday at 3pm, we will be dropping 40 of our best pre-owned items for that week on the website, which you'll be able to access until the Thursday of the week following. Don't wait too long to 'umm' and 'ahh' over your favourites, because by Thursday, they'll be gone, ready for the next drop! We will then drop another 40 items the next day, giving you a fresh selection to browse every single week, of state of the art, low price, high quality pre-owned equipment!

If you're signed up to our email marketing, then you're in for an even better treat ...

Every Friday morning, you'll be sent sneak peeks into what will be arriving in the week's drop, and be able to secure second-hand first dibs!

FROM 25/11/22




Trust us, you won't want to miss out ...


Psst! If you really can't wait and just HAVE to see our vast pre-owned selection, then all can be found on our ebay account (and we're always available for a call should you have any pricing or purchase queries)!

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