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Vic Firth 55A Drumsticks American Classic, Wood Tip

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The Vic Firth 5A has probably been through more pro drummer’s hands than any other 5A out there on the market. That’s because no one else does sticks to the Vic Firth standard. When other sticks break, the Vic Firth 5A doesn’t even break a sweat. And that’s why everyone knows their name. Less stick-breaking mid-set means more time to groove in style.

Backed up by science

You know that drumsticks are more than just pieces of wood for hitting drums. There’s a lot of science to it. Working on a regular basis with the wood science department at the University of Maine, and several other scientific organisations, Vic Firth put the quality of your drumsticks at the forefront of their operation.

It starts with the ideal hickory

There are 14 kinds of hickory and only 4 are ideal for drumsticks. Vic Firth uses the best of those 4 to make the American Classic Hickory drumsticks.