Dixon Hi Hat Drop Clutch Quick Release

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Introducing the innovative Dixon Hi Hat Drop Clutch! This Dixon Percussion product is desig nespecially for drummers who need their hi-hat to remain closed but also need their foot free to play their double kick pedal or foot cowbell.


Using the Hi-Hat Drop Clutch is simple! Disengage and drop the top hi-hat cymbal by hitting the top handle of the clutch with your drum stick, then when you want to re-engage the hi-hat cymbal to it's original position, simply step on the hi-hat pedal.


Dixon Percussion innovation

Easy disengament of top hi-hat

Re-engage the hi-hat cymbal by stepping on the pedal

Fits all standard spec hi-hats

Play on a closed hi-hat while keeping your foot free to operate a double kick pedal or floor cowbell.