Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant Crash Cymbal 17"

Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant Crash Cymbal 17"

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The Istanbul Agop 17" Xist Brilliant Crash Cymbal is a high-quality cymbal from Istanbul Agop, offering a naturally clear, defined sound due to the lathed surface. This sound can be applied to a huge variety of different styles and genres. The medium decay and pronounced sound offers an often dramatic tone, making it ideal for adding depth to any chosen song or mix. The Xist's thin design increases versatility across a wide range of tones, whilst the 17'' size adds clarity to the high frequencies. This is ideal for musicians requiring a charismatic sound with versatile playability.


  • Material: B20 Bronze
  • Diameter: 17''
  • Attack: Quick
  • Decay: Medium
  • Finish: Brilliant