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Istanbul Agop Xist 10" Power Splash Cymbal | XIONSP10

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  • Splash Cymbal Ideal for Live Musicians
  • 10'' Diameter Produces Bright, Powerful Tones
  • Separated Bell Produces Clear Pings
  • Pre-Form Casting for an Authentic Feel
  • Unlathed for a More Raw Sound


  • Material: B20 Bronze
  • Diameter: 10 Inches
  • Attack: Quick
  • Decay: Quick
  • Finish: Unlathed
  • Bell Character: Separated

The Istanbul 10" Power Xist Splash Cymbal offers an energetic sound for the live musician. The 10" diameter has a quick attack and decay, making it ideal for adding enthusiastic rhythm to your music. The B20 bronze alloy has a sound that blends generally bright tones with subtle darkness in the lower frequencies. The separated bell has a distinctive ping with vibrant characteristics. The Xist series of cymbals feature Istanbul's pre-form casting technique for an authentic look and modern sound. This splash cymbal is ideal for adding depth to your cymbals.

Through a combination of modern and traditional manufacturing techniques, Xist Agop cymbals produce a hybrid sound that is characteristically warm and full bodied. The moderate overtones make them suitable for both recording and live situations. Istanbul Cymbals are renowned for being manually shaped by hammer wielding cymbal smiths who painstakingly craft each cymbal to perfection. The cymbals have a consistent performance that can be relied on by students and professionals alike.