Istanbul Agop Xist Traditional Crash Cymbal 16"

Istanbul Agop Xist Traditional Crash Cymbal 16"

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The Istanbul Agop XIST 16'' Crash Cymbal is a B20 Bronze crash cymbal carefully constructed in Turkey to deliver a responsive, rich and bright tone perfect for cutting through live mixes and modern music styles. Measured at 16'' in diameter and with a quick attack and medium decay, the XIST 16'' crash is a high-performance cymbal which looks great with its brilliant lathed finish.

Unlike many other cymbal producers Istanbul Agop have taken a unique approach to construct their range of incredible cymbals by using an innovative preform casting mould which allows only 2500 strategic hammer blows to complete as opposed to the traditional 4500. This impressive technique produces remarkable results allowing high-performance cymbals to be made at a lower cost whilst still providing incredible sound quality and performance.


  • Size: 16''
  • Material: B20 Bronze
  • Lathe: Full
  • Bell Character: Separated