Istanbul Agop Xist Traditional Ride Cymbal 21"

Istanbul Agop Xist Traditional Ride Cymbal 21"

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The Istanbul Agop 21" Xist Brilliant Ride is a B20 Bronze ride cymbal carefully constructed in Turkey to deliver a crisp, dark and warm tone perfect for cutting through live mixes and modern music styles. The 21'' size provides a focused attack, moderate overtones, and medium decay.

The B20 bronze alloy offers exceptional durability and a high-quality sound that is perfect for all skill levels and drumming styles. Featuring a clear and full-bodied sound, the Istanbul Agop 21" Xist Brilliant Ride the perfect cymbal for any drummer looking for a clear ride cymbal with a dark and warm sustain.

Through a combination of modern and traditional manufacturing techniques, Xist Agop cymbals produce a hybrid sound that is characteristically warm and full-bodied. The moderate overtones make them suitable for both recording and live situations. Istanbul Agop cymbals are renowned for being manually shaped by hammer-wielding smiths who painstakingly craft each cymbal to perfection. The cymbals have a consistent performance that can be relied on by students and professionals alike.


  • Diameter: 21''
  • Alloy: B20 Bronze
  • Weight: Medium
  • Bell Size: Medium
  • Lathed: Traditional
  • Overtones: Moderate
  • Decay: Medium
  • Sound Qualities: Clear, Focused Attack - Dark, Warm Sustain
  • Finish: Brilliant
  • Product Code: IXRB21