Istanbul Agop Xist 13" Dry Dark Hi-Hat Cymbals | IXDDH13 - Into Music Store
Istanbul Agop Xist 13" Dry Dark Hi-Hat Cymbals | IXDDH13 - Into Music Store

Istanbul Agop Xist 13" Dry Dark Hi-Hat Cymbals | IXDDH13

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  • Rapidly responsive, dark and trashy hi-hat cymbals
  • Predominantly dry sound with crisp, metallic stick definition and a distinct foot chick
  • Dark, dry hiss when played open — use one cymbal as a trash crash
  • Add a 13'' Dry Dark Crash to the bottom cymbal for even more tone


  • Size: 13''
  • Sound: Dark
  • SKU: IXDDH13

Why choose the Istanbul Agop Xist Dry Dark 13'' Hi Hats?

  • Quick, trashy response with dark tones
  • Distinct foot sound; crisp and pearly stick definition
  • Can be used singular as a splash cymbal
  • Sound can be enhanced by inserting a 13'' Dry Dark Splash 

The Istanbul Agop Xist Dry Dark 13" Hi Hat Cymbals. Trashy, dark and fast. A unique hi-hat sizing that opens the door to new ideas. The Istanbul Agop Xist Dry Dark hi-hats feature a predominantly dry tone, with crisp and pearly stick definition. Sweet articulation is met with trashy, splash like tones when played open. The foot sound is distinct.

Though they sound supreme when played as they are, you can also add an additional 13'' Dry Dark Crash (not included) resting on the bottom for even more attack, chick and decay. You could also use one of the hi-hat cymbals as a trashy crash cymbal by itself. The Istanbul Agop Xist Dry cymbals give you unlimited creative options; a bone-dry, wicked tone that sounds raw on stage or in the studio.

Istanbul Agop Xist Dry Dark cymbals introduce a new wave of uniquely expressive cymbals to the Xist series. Each individual cymbal produces its own organic, dark sound that's designed to complement other instruments — not overpower them. With a distinctly modern but dark tone, they would sound great in jazz, synth, drum n' bass, funk and anything else. With their uniquely percussive tone, they can be implemented creatively by themselves or as a pack into any setup.

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