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Mapex Falcon Hi-Hat Stand | HF1000

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The Mapex Falcon Hi-Hat Stand is an extremely customisable hi-hat stand packed with a range of adjustable components. The Falcon Hi-hat Stand features a lockable, quick release wing nut which provides for easy installation and removal of your hats. An integration tension adjuster allows you to select between a choice of tension settings, providing you with your preferred setting, quickly, to optimise playability.

The angle of the footboard is adjustable, allowing you to play heel-up and heel-down techniques, offering a great platform to further your drumming versatility. It is also of small profile, allowing easier placing of a double bass pedal. This Mapex hi-hat stand can be adjusted in height and is fitted with high-friction rubber feet, providing optimal stability during performances and ensures that the stand does not move or make any rattling sounds.


  • Integration adjuster allows you to select numerous tension settings for your technique
  • A lockable, quick-release wing nut provides easy installation
  • Adjustable footboard allows you to play heel-up and heel-down techniques with ease
  • Height adjustable for maximum playability and personalisation