Mapex Saturn Drum Kit Shell Pack - Scarlet Fade
Mapex Saturn Drum Kit Shell Pack - Scarlet Fade

Mapex Saturn Drum Kit Shell Pack - Scarlet Fade

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Maple and walnut - a truly dynamic shell blend

What happens when you fuse the maple and walnut woods? The Mapex Saturn Series drum shells. Maple is a popular choice for drum shells the world over because of its tonal versatility and all-round warmness. Walnut bestows much fiercer properties, including fast attack and dark tones. Much harder than maple, it ensures pronounced projection for the shells, while bringing out the best of the maple's melodic tones. An electrifying fusion that makes these drums perfect for use in any setting.

Newly-added SONIClear bearing edges

Mapex's unique bearing edge technology ensures better contact between drum head and shell. This increased head-to-shell contact improves shell vibration and allows for greater resonance, as well as easier tuning. With a stronger and deeper fundamental pitch, this bearing edge profile allows you to enjoy the sonic nuances of the wood blend. The Saturn Series shells were designed to sing into the stratosphere.

SONIClear tom suspension for optimal resonance

Liberated tom toms. Toms aren't just another part of your drum kit. They're instruments in their own right, and Mapex's SONIClear tom suspension system embodies this notion. These low-mass holders preserve the vibrations from your heads and shells, allowing them to resonate with greater freedom. Whenever you strike the Saturn Series toms, you'll experience the very best of their wide sonic range, and nothing less.

Customised air flow system

Mapex's pursuit of drum greatness means that even the finer details are given meticulous consideration. Their Chamber Specific-Nodal Line Air Flow Venting technology ensures that the Saturn Series bass drums and toms are each allocated unique air hole placement. These vents are positioned strategically in alignment with the drum lugs to prevent interference with the shell's overall resonance.

Elevated drums for greater sonic separation

Coupled with the TH800 SONIClear tom holders, Mapex's Sonic Pedestal feet enhance the Saturn Series' tonal resonance even more. These rubber feet prevent contact between the floor tom legs and your playing surface. The steel legs rest on an elevated spring within the pedestal, eliminating vibration transfer and maximising resonance. Every feature is the result of painstaking, formulaic testing designed to empower your drums.

2 Configurations Available: 

    • 20x16", 14x14", 12x8", 10x7”
    • 22x18”, 16x14”, 12x8”, 10x7” 


  • Product Code: SR529X-RJ
  • Shell Material: Maple/Walnut
  • Plies: 6
  • Bearing Edges: SONIClear
  • Tom Suspension: SONIClear
  • Hoops: Triple-flanged, 2.3mm Power Hoops
  • Air Vents: Chamber Specific-Nodal Line
  • Floor Tom Legs: SAS Static 90°
  • Floor Tom Feet: Sonic Pedestal
  • Hardware: Chrome