Mapex Saturn Drum Kit Shell Pack 5pc 22" - Scarlett Fade

Mapex Saturn Drum Kit Shell Pack 5pc 22" - Scarlett Fade

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The Classic Saturn Sound just got even better, the latest Mapex Saturn series shell packs blend time-honored maple/walnut shells with bleeding-edge shell tech borrowed for the Black Panther Design Lab, along with jaw-dropping finishes to please a wide range of drummer tastes. Each piece in this set has been molded to meet the needs of stage and studio professionals. You get thin 6-ply hybrid shells crowned with Mapex's precision SONIClear bearing edges, Remo USA heads, and Mapex Power Hoops to deliver splendid tone and tuneability from day one. You also get Mapex's advanced shell venting, suspension tom mounting, and floating SAS floor tom legs for excellent note length and projection. Factor in those iconic Saturn Series badges and lugs and it's a clear winner of a drum kit.


  • 6-Ply maple/walnut shells: Classic Saturn sound utilizing the thin maple-walnut foundation, 4-ply maple on the outside for clear projection, and a core or 2-ply walnut for big deep darkness and resonance both of which pack strong attack and rich sustain
  • SONIClear bearing edges: awesome tone and easier tuning, enough said really but the science is that this cut allows for the heads to sit a lot flatter on the bearing edge this results in better seating and stronger, deeper fundamental note, this widens the tuning range for players who like deeper toms and kick drums while producing purer musical pitches in higher registers





  • Mapex Power Hoops: steel 2.3mm triple-flanged Power Hoops give the shells some weight and durability to survive the battering they shall inevitably receive
  • Air Flow Venting: the air vents are placed at the Nodal line with the lugs, as to not affect the resonance of the shells if they were placed in the center of the drum, this is borrowed from the Black Panther Design Lab. It gives each drum an open lively response and maximizes shell resonance
  • SAS static floor tom legs: sound and vibrations work on the principle "The shortest path between two points is a straight line". Mapex SAS floor tom legs feature a sharp 90-degree angle to increase the distance from the floor to the shell. This allows more sustain from floor toms instead of the note being absorbed into the floor, even the rubber feet act as a spring, elevating the floor tom off the floor maximizing resonance
  • SONIClear suspension mounts: these are low-profile mounts that prevent energy from the tom from being absorbed into the hardware and do not touch the tension rods in any way. this means the tom sustain never gets choked, heads stay in tune longer, and head changes are quicker with no need to remove shells from mounts





  • Bass Drum: 22" x 18"
  • Rack Tom: 10" x 8"
  • Rack Tom: 12" x 9"
  • Floor Tom: 14" x 14” & 16" x 16”
  • Tom Holder: TH800 x 2
  • Floor Tom Legs: Included