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Meinl Artist Concept Model Matt Garstka - Fat Stack

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The Meinl Artist Concept Model series cymbals are a new line of effects cymbals from Meinl, featuring a range of unique and innovate cymbal designs, each offering a whole new level of creative possibility for use at the player's disposal. With four artist-inspired cymbals currently available, you can be sure to find a cymbal to match your drumming style or genre. Alternatively, you can choose a cymbal which is beyond the realms of your current style, and use it to experiment and explore new ways of drumming. The aim of the Artist Concept cymbals is to provide artists and drummers with a refreshing new element in their setup, and allowing them to expand upon their drumming capabilities and skills.


  • 18'' cymbal stack
  • Developed for Matt Garstka of Animals As Leaders
  • Great for accents, timekeeping, and metal breakdowns
  • Blends raw and lathed surfaces
  • Perforated top cymbal dries out decay
  • Delivers a quick blow with a full body
  • Increase tension for a faster attack; loosen for a bigger wash


  • Type: Stacked Cymbal
  • Size: 18''/16''
  • Sound: Cutting, Trashy, Dry
  • Styles: Electro, Jazz, RnB, Studio, World, Reggae, Pop, Fusion
  • Timbre: Dark
  • Character: Crunchy Bite
  • Pitch: Low
  • Volume: Medium to Low
  • Sustain: Short
  • Lathe: Narrow Blade
  • Material: B20
  • Weight: Thin
  • Finish: Raw, Traditional