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Meinl Byzance Assorted Crash Cymbal Set

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Give your cymbal line-up an upgrade with two of Meinl's finest crash cymbals!

Upgrade Your Sound

The Meinl Byzance Assorted Crash Cymbal Set is a fine purchase for any drummer looking to up their set current cymbal game. Consisting of a 16" Vintage Trash Crash and an Extra Dry 18" Thin Crash, both come with not only a one of a kind sound but also unique finishes. Presented with a sandblasted, raw finish, both of these fine cymbals will guarantee you indisputable next-level quality in the studio and on the stage.

Meinl Byzance Assorted Crash Cymbal Set Features:

  • Impressive crash cymbal assortment from Meinl's Byzance series
  • Pack includes 16" Trash Crash and 18" Thin Crash
  • Raw Finish to provide a look as compelling as their sounds
  • Made from B20 Bronze alloy for world-class tones and construction

Controlled and Clear

Sounding as interesting as it looks, the Meinl Byzance Vintage 16" Trash Crash is the perfect addition to any kit if they're looking for minimal sustain and clear stick definition show after show. With a sound that can only be described as deep and macabre, it has an earthy washy voice that isn't too loud or too quiet, giving you absolute control whilst hitting with force.

Short, Dry Sustain

The Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 18" Thin Crash is a cymbal that does exactly what it says in the name. Boasting an extremely crisp, guttural and trashy voice, this thin crash maintains a short sustain, ensuring the ring is short and sweet. Perfect for versatile players.

Meinl Byzance Assorted Crash Cymbal Set Specifications:

  • Product Code: B1618ED
  • Sizes: 16" & 18"
  • Alloy: B20 Bronze
  • Weight: Thin
  • Finish: Sandblasted/Raw
  • Timbre: Dark
  • Sustain: Short