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Meinl Byzance Dark 20 inch Trash Crash Cymbal B20DATRC

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The Meinl Byzance Dark 20" Trash Crash Cymbal is guaranteed to bring character to your playing. Whether you are looking to expand your cymbal collection or simply want a quality cymbal to record with, the Meinl Byzance dark range will deliver. This trash crash cymbal features different sized and shaped cut- outs to give it a unique look and a short, trashy sound. Part of Meinl's famous Byzance Dark range, the 20" Crash is crafted from completely unlathed, B20 bronze alloy, offering you a deeper tone that adds excitement to any song, and an earthy look to match.

Its lower pitch and shorter decay make the 20" Dark Trash Crash the perfect contrast to a brighter set of cymbals, adding character and variety to your drum recordings and live shows. Its tarnished surface produces a complex sound, with a cutting, metallic stick attack that makes itself heard without crowding the treble frequencies - ideal for studio applications in many genres including Pop Funk and R&B.