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Meinl Byzance Jazz 15 inch Thin Hi-Hat Cymbal B15JTH

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The Meinl B15JTH Byzance Jazz Thin 15'' Hi-Hats are a high-quality pair of hi-hats from Meinl, featuring hand hammering and a hand lathed surface to produce a warm wash with incredibly clear stick definition that's reminiscent of vintage hats from vinyl records. Both cymbals are crafted from B20 Bronze, providing a bright, focused tone that leans more towards higher frequencies. The B15JTH Hi-Hats consist of a thin top hat and a medium-thin bottom hat. The thin top cymbal provides an incredibly accurate, articulated stick response with a crisp tone whilst the heavier medium-thin bottom cymbal boosts clarity and cut. This combination offers an increase in volume with an incredibly bright, definite, clean stick and pedal definition, resulting in an extremely versatile pair of cymbals.