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Meinl Pure Alloy 18 inch China Cymbal PA18CH

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The Meinl PA18CH Pure Alloy Traditional 18'' China is a high-quality china cymbal from Meinl, featuring a fully pinpoint lathed surface that allows the cymbal to be expressive in every situation, making it ideal for a wide range of drumming styles and genres. The pure alloy material provides shimmering tonal clarity within the midst of the trashy, cutting attack that sings from any touch, allowing you to access the huge range of dynamic levels this cymbal has to offer. The shimmering tones cut through opposing sounds with ease, ensuring that the throaty bite is always heard. The sustain that plays out perfectly combines with the stick definition from the lathe, and finishes the tone from the Meinl PA18CH Pure Alloy 18'' China with just the right amount of strength and balanced wash. The Pure Alloy Cymbals are a step in a different direction to the raw and earthy cymbals Meinl is known for today, while still maintaining their expert craftsmanship and unique sonic characteristics.