Meinl Timbale Sticks 7/16" SB128
Meinl Timbale Sticks 7/16" SB128

Meinl Timbale Sticks 7/16" SB128

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These Meinl 7/16” timbale sticks


These classic style timbale sticks are the thinnest sticks in the timbale range and are constructed using the finest hand-selected American Hickory for superb strength and durability.

Designed for use with many percussion instruments, from cowbells and woodblocks to timbales and bongos and even cymbals and chimes, the Meinl Timbale Sticks offer superb versatility and efficiency in playing. No need to change sticks for different instruments, with the Meinl Timbale 5/16” Sticks you can move seamlessly from one instrument to another without interruption.

Meinl Timbale Sticks are also available in 3/8" and 1/2" sizes.

Meinl has developed an array of percussion sticks, rods and mallets, as part of their Stick and Brush range, for a variety of sound options and musical situations.