Natal Zenith Vintage Style Drum Kit Forge Black
Natal Zenith Vintage Style Drum Kit Forge Black

Natal Zenith Vintage Style Drum Kit Forge Black

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Introducing the Zenith kit, the ultimate homage to 1960s drums. Zenith continues the legacy of the drummers that shaped and defined contemporary rhythm. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this drum kit honours the iconic sounds of the past while delivering unparalleled quality for the modern musician.


  • Zenith is the ultimate homage to 1960s drums, with classic warm tones, deep low end, and great resonance.
  • Retaining the looks of the 60s while utilising modern materials means the Zenith kit can withstand the rigors of extensive use, whilst standing out with its vintage style.
  • A kit to suit any playing style, the Zenith can be tuned high to complement punchy jazz hits, medium for versatile pop beats and low for all the resonance needed for rock.
  • Zenith is available in five traditional wrap finishes, including two subtle frost sparkles and three flowing, layered textures.
  • The Zenith kit has been designed by our world-class development team in the UK.

  • 3-ply shells - 1.8mm maple / 2.4mm ash / 1.8mm maple
  • 12" x 8" tom, 16" x 16" floor tom, 22" x 16" bass drum
  • Bearing edges - toms curved 45 degrees, bass drum curved 30 degrees
  • Maple reinforcing rings
  • Maple bass drum hoops 
  • Chrome hardware
  • New low mass tube lugs
  • New mounting brackets and memory locks
  • New Natal badge 
  • Triple flanged hoops
  • Heavy duty curved bass drum spurs
  • 5 x traditional wrap finishes