Paiste 900 Series Ride Cymbal 22"

Paiste 900 Series Ride Cymbal 22"

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The Paiste 900 Series Ride aims to give you a clear ping sound at an appealing price. The 900 Series Ride Cymbal produces medium to loud volumes consisting of a warm wash tone. This produces a lively intensity with long sustain to deliver an even, balanced feel that can be used in various styles of music. The unique design of the 900 Series Ride gives the player a full-bodied cymbal with warm undertones. The cymbal is crafted from 2002 bronze with a special finish emphasising the lathing grooves and slightly darkening the colour. The result of all the features is a bright-sounding ride of super high quality.

Key Features

  • Fully lathed surface provides a super-lively stick response
  • 2002 bronze alloy adds warm, medium bright tones
  • Balanced feel is ideal for a wide range of genres and playing styles
  • Integrated bell character allows for a long sustain
  • Medium weight adds a balanced stick sound