Paiste 900 Series Splash Cymbal 12"

Paiste 900 Series Splash Cymbal 12"

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The Paiste 900 Series 12" Splash Cymbal epitomizes affordable investment for great quality. High-quality Swiss craftsmanship combined with innovative design has formed this 2002 bronze cymbal. 2002 bronze has a high reputation for performing excellently whilst also showing warmth and robustness. A special finish slightly darkens the cymbal and adds emphasis onto the lathing grooves and hammer marks to result in an eye-catching appearance that boasts both ruggedness and gracefulness. All the elements that go into constructing the 900 Series 10" Splash come together to give you a classic sharp sound.

Key Features

  • Crafted From Brass To High Standard
  • Warm & Full Sound
  • Excellent Playability
  • Special Finish Enhances Attractiveness
  • Short Sustain