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Promark Rebound 5A ActiveGrip Clear Drumsticks

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Promark Classic 5A ActiveGrip Clear Drumsticks

ActiveGrip Clear Drumsticks are high quality drum sticks from Promark, featuring their patented heat activated ActiveGrip coating. The sticks are constructed from American Hickory, the most popular wood used in drum sticks due to its incredible resilience and durability, as well as its responsiveness and classic feel. The sticks feature a classic stick balance with the centre of gravity in the centre of the stick, providing an even balance that can provide power and speed or sensitivity and technicality when required. The sticks feature a classic oval tip, offering intricate, clear sounds at any volume. This coating is engineered to get tackier as a player's hands sweat and their body temperature warms up the sticks. The coating is applied as a thin coating, much like a traditional drum stick lacquer. The coating adds no additional weight or dimensions to the drum sticks, keeping the weight and feel as natural as possible whilst adding an incredible amount of extra grip. Unlike most drum stick grip alternatives, Promark's ActiveGrip does not give blisters or tear up a players hands or cause restrictions whilst playing.