Sonor AQ2 Safari 4pc 16" Shell Pack - Stain Black
Sonor AQ2 Safari 4pc 16" Shell Pack - Stain Black

Sonor AQ2 Safari 4pc 16" Shell Pack - Stain Black

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The 7ply maple shell construction provides a mellow, warm and balanced full-tone to suit various playing styles, whilst the low-frequency punch and mixed mids and highs allow this kit to be heard through the mix. The stain black finish combined with the chrome hardware gives this kit a classy, versatile look that will complement any playing setup.

Minimal contact Mounting system showcases maple shells

This Sonor kit comes complete with a SmartMount mounting system, the purpose of this contact-free system is to offer no direct metal-to-wood contact delivering a full-bodied sound. The mounting system works on a bridge-type system fixing to tom lugs around the drum shell, reducing the kit footprint and eliminating unnecessary hardware. This also allows for the toms to fully resonate - showcasing the sound of the maple shells.

Tunesafe lugs retain pristine tuning throughout use

The tunesafe feature on the side of each drum lug is a clever feature to prevent any unwanted de-tuning of your kit, retaining the tuning you require throughout use and no matter how heavy you play. This feature is great for any gigging drummer looking for a gig-ready kit, with a minimum of fuss and maintenance. Similarly, the triple-flanged hoops on each of the three drums in this shell pack allow the drums to ring freely, providing an open drum tone.


  • 16'' x 15'' Bass Drum
  • 13'' x 6'' Snare Drum
  • 10'' x 7'' Tom
  • 13'' x 12'' Floor Tom
  • Cymbal Tom Holder


  • Manufacturer: Sonor
  • Shell Type: Maple
  • Thickness: 7ply
  • Hoop Type: Triple Flanged
  • Hardware finish: Chrome Plated
  • Kit Finish: Stain Black
  • Product Code: AQ2 Safari Set TSB