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Stagg 17” Genghis Medium Crash

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A dark sounding crash cymbal that sits perfectly in any mix. The Stagg Genghis 16'' Medium Crash is handcrafted from B20 bronze, using a deep hammering technique. This provides a warm and dark sound while retaining the high frequencies that you would expect from a crash cymbal. The Genghis Medium Crash is extremely versatile, providing a complex tone that sits perfectly in any mix. The B20 bronze construction provides a high-quality sound with optimal durability, topped off with a hammered finish which brightens up the overall tone of the cymbal.

The Stagg Genghis cymbals are a perfect choice for beginner-intermediate drummers, learning a variety of different playing styles due to their exceptional versatility, durability and affordability.

- Material: B20 bronze ( 80% Copper and 20% tin alloy)
- Dark, complex and warm, with subtle overtones and a rich, mellow attack.