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Vic Firth VF-AJ1 Drumsticks Jazz, Wood Tip

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When you think of 5B drumsticks, there's one pair that comes to mind. The Vic Firth American Classic 5B Hickory Drumsticks. Whilst being slightly thicker and heavier than a standard 5A stick, the classics 5B's are suitable to cover all styles. They provide a bit more punch for your funk and rock grooves. And, made by Vic Firth - you know you're getting your money's worth.

But why would you choose the Vic Firth 5B? They are made from a special hickory that is ideal for drumsticks. They are durable, reliable. You can use them for months because they undergo a rigorous manufacturing process that goes above and beyond expectations. The ones that don't make it are used to heat the kiln. The Vic Firth sticks aren't just another 5B, they are their own instrument. An instrument that has been the drummer's go-to choice for decades.