Vic Firth Mike Johnston NE-1 Signature Drumsticks

Vic Firth Mike Johnston NE-1 Signature Drumsticks

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Made in collaboration between Vic Firth and world-renown Drumming Educator Mike Johnston, the NE1 (standing for No Excuses) is designed to provide a stick that is well and truly out of your way.

By creating a stick that feels natural with no sense of fighting against you as a player, the NE1 leaves you with, well, no excuses. The NE1 is all about encouraging you to focus on and develop your skills.

Mike poured over every design choice in this stick to find a tip shape, taper, length, diameter, material, and overall performance that would combine to make the best possible stick for you in progressing along your drumming journey

  • 580 Diameter / 1.47cm. Between a 5A and 5B in Grip For incredible Comfort And Versatility
  • 16in Length / 40.64cm. Standard length for a drumstick
  • Long Taper For A Faster Rebound And A Slightly More Rear Weighted Feel
  • Natural Lacquer Surface Coating
  • Crafted From Premium US Hickory
  • A Modified Barrel Tip Offers Great Response And A Focused Yet Slightly Darker Cymbal Sound
  • Designed in collaboration with Drumming Educator Mike Johnston!