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Yamaha DTX8K-M Electronic Drum Kit – Real Wood

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The Yamaha DTX8 combines genuine drum feeling with first-class studio sound.

The DTX8K-M defines the new upper mid-range of the Yamaha E-Drums range but uses Yamaha‘s new Mesh Head Pads.

The DTX8K-M promises professional sounds and features for players of all levels, and offers a massive technological step forward. It combines Yamaha‘s world class acoustic drum history with the newest in digital drumming, sampling, and music technology.

The DTX8, which uses the DTX-PRO module, combines the best parts of the DTX6 range released last year and merges it with some of the best features of the DTX10 to make a more cost-effective, great sounding, and equally great-looking e-kit.

The mesh versions of the pads offer a custom Remo mesh head designed to be easy to play with and quiet. The new drum pads use real birch drum shells and share the naturally elegant look of their acoustic counterparts as Yamaha offers the same exquisite Black Forest and Real Wood finishes used for its acoustic drums. The lugs and hoops are also taken from high-end acoustic drums, sporting an appropriately high-quality finish.

The DTX8 is comprised of a KP90 kick pad, an RHH135 hi-hat controller, three 10-inch XP105-X tom pads and a 12-inch XP125SD-X snare pad with two trigger zones for rim click and drumhead articulations. Two 13-inch crashes and a positional sensing 15-inch ride complete the setup.

All DTX8 series cymbal pads feature three zones – edge, bow and bell – that can be triggered and stopped, just like choking a real cymbal.

The DTXPRO Drum Trigger Modules offer outstanding sonic quality and brand-new samples that were recorded in world-renowned studios with the highest precision in dynamics and resolution. Great importance was attached to reproducing the crucial attack and decay behaviour of individual drums and cymbals, and to add extra realism, the sound of the studio rooms themselves was captured and can be added back to the drum kit.

In addition, the recorded sounds can be fine-tuned with numerous effects that are also used in professional studios and the MONTAGE music synthesizer by Yamaha. The DTX10 module contains more than 400 sounds, and allows for the import of up to 1,000 16-bit custom samples. This way, a multitude of unique sounds can be created, creatively combined and percussively realised.

The module gives players the ability to configure different kits according to individual needs.

The kit sounds are all fully editable, and edited sounds can be exported by stereo outputs, USB – perfect for live and studio use.

Features & Specifications

  • XP125SD-M 12” Mesh Head 2-Zone Snare Pad
  • PCY155 3-Zone Cymbal Pad 15“ for Ride Cymbal with positional sensing
  • 3x Kit Modifier Knobs to instantly add real sampled room Ambience, Compression and other Effects
  • Independent Compression, 3 Sweepable Band EQ, Transient Adjustment and Insert Effect for every channel
  • 256-note Polyphony
  • MIDI Interface: Both USB and 5-pin MIDI Out
  • USB: Both for computer/tablet/phone linking and also Sample loading
  • Internal Effects: Yes – Compression, Transient Control, and EQ on every channel, plus 2x Send Effects, plus Master Effects.• Auxiliary Input: 3.5mm
  • Integrated Metronome & Training Functions
  • Recording Function: 90 minutes to a USB Stick
  • Digital Output: USB Audio to Device, or record direct to USB drive
  • Real Wood Finish


  • DTXPRO Drum Trigger Module
  • XP125SD-M Snare Pad (x1)
  • XP105-M Tom Pad (x3)
  • PCY135 13” Cymbal Pad (x2)
  • PCY155 15” Cymbal Pad (x1)
  • RHH135 HiHat & HiHat stand
  • KP90 Kick Pad (x1)
  • RS8 Rack System
  • Comes with Power adapter, Module Holder, and manual

*Double-pedals pictured are not included