Yamaha Tour Custom Fusion Drum Kit Shell Pack | 4pc 20" - Chocolate Satin - Into Music Store
Yamaha Tour Custom Fusion Drum Kit Shell Pack | 4pc 20" - Chocolate Satin - Into Music Store

Yamaha Tour Custom Fusion Drum Kit Shell Pack | 4pc 20" - Chocolate Satin


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The Yamaha Tour Custom Drum Kit was designed to be the ultimate workhorse for the modern day working drummer, suitable for live work or studio work the Tour custom will be able to handel anything that you as a drummer could throw at it. It's warm, resonating maple shell kit which includes a 20" x 15" bass drum, 10" x 7" and 12" x 8" toms, and a 14" x 13" floor tom. The toms feature a wide tuning range, while the bass drum delivers on the attack and warmth. The tour custom builds on Yamaha's 50 years of experience creating high quality drum kits and has features such as single post lugs and Y.E.S.S tom mounts from it's acclaimed absolute series. Couple all this together along with the Dyna hoops and an attractive satin finish you have a drum kit that boasts Fantastic stage appeal.

The All Purpose Drum kit

The Yamaha Tour Custom Drum kit gives the modern working drummer a tool with which he can smash performances on the stage or make beautiful rhythms in the studio. The Toms have a wide tuning range and excellent intervals, while the Bass drum Delivers the driving attack which allows you to connect with the audience on stage or on a record. Each shell has also been strengthened by Yamaha's Propriety staggered diagonal seam construction which allows these drums to stand the test of time no problem.

Y.E.S.S III Tom Mount

Yamaha have implemented their advanced YESS tom mount system which aids in the prevention of acoustic dampening and helps to give you the best sound from your drums. The Yamaha YESS tom mounts allows the shells to vibrate more freely, bringing out the best of the shells natural sustain and volume.

100% Maple Shells

The Tour Custom Drums Feature all maple shells which help to give off warm, bright tones. The shells are designed with a 6-ply 45-Degree bearing edge which adds great tonal depth, quick response and the perfect amount of sustain. Yamaha's newly designed rounded Dyna Hoops focus on controlling the natural overtones that are produced from all maple drums. They also focus on helping to keep the tuning stable in order for you to create and keep recording grade tones.

Tour Custom Finishes

The Yamaha Tour Custom series is available in a number of Stunning satin finishes such as Butterscotch, Caramel, Candy Apple Red, Chocolate and Black liquorice each one has it's own special appeal so you are guaranteed to find one that will take your fancy. speak to our drum specialist to order the finish that you want.

Key Features

  • Shell Material: Maple
  • Shell Thickness: 5.6mm
  • Bearing edge: 45 Degree
  • Hoops: 2.3mm Dyna Hoops
  • Lugs: Absolute Lugs
  • Finish: Chocolate Satin


  • Bass Drum: 20" x 15"
  • Tom 1: 10" x 7"
  • Tom 2: 12" x 8"
  • Floor Tom: 14" x 13"

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