Istanbul Agop 16'' Traditional Thin Crash Cymbal

Istanbul Agop 16'' Traditional Thin Crash Cymbal

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  • High-quality -thin construction
  • Light weight offers dynamic, open sound
  • Available in a range of sizes and cymbal types
  • Classic handmade design, manufactured in Istanbul
  • Perfect for a range of drumming styles and genres


  • Type: Crash
  • Size: 16''
  • Finish: Lathed

Istanbul Agop offer a range of Traditional cymbals, available in a variety of styles and sizes so that you can select the perfect cymbals for your setup. All Traditional cymbals are completely lathed on both the top and the bottom which contributes towards the rich tone which the cymbals produce. The lathe marks also add to the stunning design and finish which each Traditional cymbal presents. Due to their sonic versatility, Istanbul's Traditional cymbals are suitable for any drumming styles and genres.