Paiste PST5 Universal Cymbal Set

Paiste PST5 Universal Cymbal Set

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The PST5 Universal Cymbal Set by Paiste is ideal for drummers looking for a complete set of high-quality cymbals. This Medium cymbal set consists of a 14-inch hi-hat, a 16-inch crash and a 20-inch ride. The series was developed in Paiste's Sound Technology lab, so you can expect great quality and a fantastic sound that is full of warmth. In 2014, the series was given an update making these flexible cymbals even more comfortable to play.

PST 5 Cymbal Set: universal

The PST5 cymbals have a full, warm sound with plenty of character and pick up the dynamics in your playing very well. This makes them suitable for almost any genre of music you can think of. It's a great set for beginners to start with but any drummer looking for a good-quality set of cymbals at a good price would do well to consider these.