Roc 'n' Soc Throne w/ Back Rest | Cycle Seat - Red

Roc 'n' Soc Throne w/ Back Rest | Cycle Seat - Red

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Roc 'n' Soc Back Rest

The Roc 'n' Soc Back Rest combines with the seats to give the very best in drumming comfort and durability. Hand sculpted, high grade foam cushions support your body properly. The soft velour cover prevents sweating and slipping whilst also allowing the skin to breathe, even during long playing sessions.

Roc 'n' Soc Nitro Throne

The Roc 'n' Soc Nitro is a compact throne with a nitrogen gas shock absorber. This feature adds a little bounce in the seat for reduced back fatigue and quick height adjustments. The seat is free spinning which reduces spinal strain from any unnecessary body twisting. The stand comes with a Roc N Soc seat for extra comfort, durability and reduced leg strain and fatigue.