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Yamaha MS45DR Electronic Drum Monitor System

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The Yamaha MS45DR electronic drum monitor system is a 2.1 channel set giving you fantastic, natural sound reproduction of your electronic drum kit.

2.1 Electronic Drum Monitor for Natural Sound

Bringing together a subwoofer and two midrange right and left satellite speakers, the Yamaha MS45DR gives you an excellent, realistic sound experience.

Yamaha MS45DR Electronic Drum Monitor System Key Features:

  • 2.1 Channel Electric Drum Monitor System
  • Two 20-W Satellite Speakers
  • One 20-W Subwoofer
  • Satellite Speakers Easily Mounted On Your Drum Rack
  • Includes Cables for Easy Setup

Stereo Sound

Allowing you to get an amazingly realistic sound experience from your electronic drums, the Yamaha MS45DR comes with two satellite speakers.

Easily mounted on electronic drum racks compatible with 1.5” diameter pipes, you can situate these speakers to the left and right for that realistic stereo sound.

Featuring 2cm dome-shaped tweeters and 8cm midrange speaker units, these 20 watt speakers provide a high-quality reproduction of mid to high frequency sounds.

Rich Bass

Allowing you to get all the great low range from your bass drum and floor tom, the Yamaha MS45DR electronic drum monitor system includes a subwoofer.

Sitting neatly on the floor amongst your kit, this 20 watt sub with its cone-shaped subwoofer speaker units gives you booming yet refined low end.

Easy Control and Setup

A master volume control is present so you can adjust the overall output level.

You will also find a bass volume control that is dedicated to adjusting the level of the subwoofer alone allowing you to get the sound just right.

Also included with the Yamaha MS45DR are the cables you need to connect it up to your electronic drum modules allowing for quick and easy setup.

Great Sound, Easy to Use

Giving you fantastic sound in an easy to set up, easy to use system, the Yamaha MS45DR is seriously impressive.

Buy the Yamaha MS45DR electronic drum monitor system and get amazingly realistic sound from your electronic drums.

Yamaha MS45DR Electronic Drum Monitor System Specs:

Output Power

  • Satellite Speakers: 20 W + 20W (2kHz, 4 Ohms)
  • Subwoofer: 20 W (60 Hz, 8 Ohms)

Frequency Response

  • Satellite Speakers/Subwoofer Speakers: 40-2000Hz (-10 dB)

Speaker Unit

  • Satellite Speakers – Tweeter: 2cm (0.8”) dome (5 Ohms)
  • Satellite Speakers – Midrange: 8cm (3”) cone (4.5 Ohms)
  • Subwoofer: 16cm (6.5”) cone (8 Ohms)

Dimensions (WxHxD)

  • Satellite Speakers: 110 x 183 x 138 mm (4 5/16“ x 7 3/16“ x 13 1/2“)
  • Subwoofer: 221 x 351 x 343 mm (8 11/16“ x 13 13/16“ x 12 1/2“)