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Yamaha Tour Custom Drum Kit Shell Pack | 5pc 22" - Candy Apple Satin

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There's no shortage of reasons why the Yamaha Tour Custom 22” 5-Piece Shell Pack is considered one of the best kits on the market for the touring drummer. This kit is built to last, designed to handle all of the physical challenges that life on the road presents. 

These versatile drums possess a highly articulate voice and wide tonal range ideal for recording, but it is the kit's sonic range, resonance and power that really makes it superior on a stage. It’s rare that you will encounter a kit so adept at both live and studio use, but the Tour Custom has nailed it.

This Tour Custom shell pack features a 22 x 16” bass drum, two bass drum mounted toms and two floor toms. Each of these highly expressive 6-ply all-Maple shells generates a warm, bright tone that balances perfectly with its levels of response and sustain. They also feature a 45-degree bearing edge, 2.3mm Inverse Dyna Hoops, Absolute Lugs and YESS mounts, all designed to enhance and balance the shell’s natural sustain and dynamic range. The YESS mount is a great piece of minimalist design that offers maximum support for your toms while allowing them maximum freedom to resonate, eliminating vibration transfer to make sure your shell doesn't choke and can ring freely. Inverse Dyna Hoops help to focus the beautiful tone of your shells and eliminate any unwanted overtones.

This 5-piece shell pack is finished in a sultry Candy Apple Satin lacquer that enhances the sonic potential of these exquisite, all-purpose drums.


  • 22 x 16" Bass Drum (drilled)
  • 16 x 15" Floor Tom + Legs
  • 14 x 13” Floor Tom + Legs 
  • 12 x 8" Rack Tom
  • 10 x 7" Rack Tom
  • TH945 Tom Holder