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Vic-Firth American Classic 5A Value Pack

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Vic Firth American Classic 5A Sticks in a value pack

The Vic Firth 5A Value Pack is a practical value pack of the popular and well known American Classic 5A Hickory Sticks and consists of 4 pairs of drumsticks at a great price. The American Classic sticks from Vic Firth are among the most popular in the drum world, and not without reason. They are made of American Hickory, a wood that has a very dense structure and yet flexibility. This makes these sticks extremely durable on one hand, on the other hand they provide a very comfortable playing feel. The powerful designs of the American Classic Sticks create a full, warm and expressive sound on drums, cymbals and percussion. The sticks, mallets and beaters are manufactured in the USA under the strictest quality controls and are subject to thorough testing. Only perfect sticks, matched to perfect pairs, leave the Vic Firth factory.